The NordVent is very well know within the industrial and high precision air conditioning systems market and from the early years of its foundation has been able to obtain the trust of important customers in many countries.

NordVent equipment is mostly required in space sector, microelectronics, pharmaceutical & laboratories as well as in the particular field of the bank sectors, telecommunication and information technology. These fields of application do require dedicated ventilation and precision air conditioning systems.

We can say as well that the above mentioned sectors are not the only ones where the NordVent equipment can find ideal applications; there are more sectors where the NordVent equipment is applied with success.

The health care sector, for example, can't avoid the use of intelligent high Precision AC systems in all civilized countries . The governments of the majority of the countries are interested not only in quality but modern health care systems and invest the health care sector as well. And what is a modern medicine? The large use of “clean” operation rooms, research laboratories, reanimation departments, rooms with magnetic resonance tomography equipment. 

All of these environments have to be equipped with a reliable ventilation or precision air conditioning system.

Or sector of the information technology? All over the world a lot of Data Centers are developing rapidly and all of them require the most technology and innovative equipment of ventilation and precision air conditioning systems.

The need for reliable and intelligent ventilation and precision air conditioning systems increases day by day and correspondingly increases the production of the NordVent Group, primarily in quality. 

Our Group is always available to support our Customers with our technical consultancy for the choice of the most appropriate NordVent equipment, its installation in your specified environment, in which ever country you are located.

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